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Milan Night



Sridevi Night






India no 1 matka app अब सभी मटका बाजार खेलो ऑनलाइन ऐप पर रोज खेलो रोज कमाओ अभी डाउनलोड करो


137 - 16 - 457
11:30 AM         12:30 PM
Time Bazar
590 - 49 - 667
01:05 PM         02:05 PM
Shiv Kalyan
123 - 67 - 890
01:30 PM         02:30 PM
900 - 93 - 445
02:15 PM         04:15 PM
Ratan Kalyan
228 - 20 - 136
03:05 PM         05:05 PM
Milan Day
267 - 53 - 580
03:05 PM         05:05 PM
Rajdhani Bazar
236 - 14 - 158
03:10 PM         05:10 PM
Rajdhani Day
179 - 77 - 278
03:35 PM         05:35 PM
145 - 09 - 478
04:30 PM         06:30 PM
Sridevi Night
228 - 23 - 148
07:10 PM         08:10 PM
Milan Night
790 - 6- - -
09:00 PM         11:00 PM
Main Kalyan
112 - 49 - 126
09:00 PM         10:45 PM
Kalyan Night
780 - 57 - 160
09:15 PM         11:25 PM
Rajdhani Night
120 - 35 - 140
09:30 PM         11:45 PM
Kalyan 2
456 - 55 - 159
05:05 PM         06:05 PM
Morning Milan Day(farji Game Hai)
230 - 5- - -
01:00 PM         02:00 PM
Main Milan Day Night (farji Game Hai)
480 - 25 - 230
09:00 PM         11:00 PM
890 - 72 - 156
07:05 PM         09:05 PM
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शुभांक moji

star कल्याण, राजधानी नाईट star

56 78


↬ OTC ↔ 6 7 5 8
↬ PANNAL ↔ 150, 160, 500, 170
↬ JODI ↔ 78, 61, 82, 56

Ratan kalyan

↬ OTC ↔ 1 8 6 3
↬ Pannal - 100, 800, 600, 300
↬ JODI - 81,31,68,13

Milan day

↬ OTC ↔ 7 8 9 5
↬ Pannal -990, 180, 500, 700
↬ JODI - 75, 85, 96, 04

Rajdhani Night

↬ OTC ↔ 5 6 8 4
↬ Pannal -690, 134, 789, 556
↬ JODI - 57, 69, 80, 43

Milan Night

↬ OTC ↔ 5 8 6 9
↬ Pannal - 349, 450, 990, 168
↬ JODI - 59, 83, 64, 91

Main Bazar

↬ OTC ↔ 1 8 6 3
↬ Pannal - 100, 600, 300, 800
↬ JODI - 15, 68, 34, 80

(16 अगस्त से 21 अगस्त तक )

MANDAY (सोमवार)

2, 3, 4, 5

TUESDAY ( मंगलवार)

1, 2, 3, 4

Wednesday ( बुधवार )

4, 9, 2, 7

Thursday (गुरुवार)

1, 6, 0, 3

Friday (शुक्रवार)

2, 7, 8, 9

Saturday (शनिवार)

3, 8, 5, 4

star star star star star star star
(weekly game)




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Sattamatka is a reliable satta matka websites that will help with all details related to the game of kalyan matka at one platform. You can find here Matka- Jodi, Panel, Open-Close, Sangam, Jackpot, Lastest Result, Matka Chart and Lifetime trick and tips and many more. At present, there are just some reputable and trusted sites accessible in India to play Satta King online. If you've begun playing sattamatka and are looking to win, your success is contingent on the selection of the most popular game and its rules. There are numerous benefits that you get only with Sattamatkagods include: We provide the latest updates and fastest results, we provide sattamatka strategies and tips. We offer you the most effective interface to make guesses and win massive amounts of money. We promise you the best matka game online with tips and tricks from kalyan in playing online matka. We provide you with the best kalyan matka tips so you can fulfill your desires with luck. Take part in Matka Online Today! Our aim is to mirror your passion and enthusiasm for playing by providing the top matka play online. We cover the majority of the matka play markets, including Rajdhani and kalyan as well as main the Milan and Main Bazar. Our website is user-friendly and mobile.

What Is Satta Matka And Why It Is Important?

What Is Satta Matka? Satta Matka game is one kind of lottery which involves betting on opening and closing rates of cotton that is transmitted of the Cotton Exchange of New York. The matka gambling game continued to be played even prior to the period of independence, and then in the 1960s, it was replaced by a variety of methods to generate random numbers. It's one of the games that are based on your ability to guess the most amazing possibilities that you can make and your luck. You can earn money from matka by following some important rules. Matka game is now income of source all over the India. Satta Matka is a full-fledged lottery game that was established in the 1950s after the monopoly on the biggest producers in India was ended by an act by the Indian government. At first, there were two types of trading that were involved within Satta Matka. The first was known as "Rajasthan Satta" and the other was known as "Maharajasatru Satta". Why Satta Matka Is Important:- 1. Utilize a few tips and take risk-taking to win: In this game, you can learn a few tricks and accept a bit of risk. You can then win with a fantastic outcome. 2. Unlimited pleasure: In this game you will have unlimited fun. After playing this game you'll never get bored. 3. Secure returns: In this game, you will receive certain safe returns. 4. There are a variety of game options to pick from: There are numerous games available in the game world which you can play .just such as: Milan Day Live Chart, Milan Night Live Chart, and Rajdhani Day Night Live Chart. 5. Quick and Correct Results: The most important things in the game world is that the results are made available at the right time and with accuracy. 6. You can continue to visit a legitimate web page: We will continue to let you know how to get the most benefit from this game that you can play on a legitimate website.

How to Enhance Your Sattamatka Knowledge

Any person who wants to play Satta Matka and getting the most out of it must be aware of the rules. SattaMatka is essentially a game of luck. However luck can be pushed toward your advantage by using very easy tricks. If you're looking to earn more money playing matka the first step is to be aware of everything there is regarding playing the satta game, including tips and tricks.

What is Satta Matka? Origin of matka gambling or satta

Matka gambling or satta is a form of betting and lottery which originally involved betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange. satta Matka, Matka gambling or satta was a full-fledged lottery game started in the 1950s just after India's Independence. It was then known as 'Ankada Jugar.' It evolved with time and became completely different from what it was in the beginning but the name 'matka' stayed. The modern-day Matka gambling/ Satta King is based on random number selection and betting.

satta matka Matka legal in India?

Is Satta Matka Game Legal in India? As Satta Matka Game is a form of gambling, playing money Satta Matka is not legal in India. ... Because of the legal crackdown on Matka, various other games like Roulette and Slots have gained prominence among players who like to play games of chance.

What is meant by Matka game?

NEW DELHI: Satta Matka is a form of gambling or lottery that had originated before the Independence of India. Originally, the game of Matka gambling involved betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton as transmitted to the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange, via teleprinters.

How does Matka gambling work?

Matka is a simple lottery-style betting game which involves guessing two random numbers between 1-9. Among several types of markets, you can win up to 999x your stake by correctly guessing the right sequence of numbers

Q4: How can we win Matka Game?

Ans: one can be won matka game with his experience and tricks. Getting perfect guess of matka, game one can win a huge amount of money. The player can play safely by playing 3 or 4 digits daily and if you want to get these digits then you can take them from our website. But you need to remember always, you need to be very practical and functional while playing sattamatka. Your luck matters, every day can't be your lucky day! So, you may win on some days and may lose on others. But, you mustn't lose your moods or hope as winning is cooler than losing in the game of SattaMatka.

Q5: What are Kalyan Matka Tips?

Ans: Sattamatka is a number gambling game. Players just need to choose the right numbers to win and earn more money. There are many tips by following which you can win a good amount of money with no loss. Among them, top kalyan matka tips such as 1. Play with fewer amounts 2. Always set your profit targets 3. Calculations are necessary. By following these golden rules, you can win the kalyan matka gambling game easily. When a player well understands these tips and tricks then he can be a satta king and earn a big money. Experience and luck matter in this online betting game. So don't worry just begin your betting with a small amount of investment and try your luck now with our website. Where you can get a good online betting experience.

Q6: Is it compulsory to have a strong level of expertise and qualification to play Kalyan Satta Matka game?

Ans: No, there is no such fancy qualification or skills requirement. But players must have good experience to win this gambling game. That means the better the player has experience of this game, the better he/she perform. Players no need to have any degree or certifications to participate in this game. It is the best game for unemployed and uneducated people. They can learn money for their luxury life. They can make a huge amount of money so that they can improve their lifestyle with their playing experience. This online betting game is the best platform for those people who are seeking for earning money with no education. They can live a standard and luxurious life by playing this game with their experiences.

Satta Matka: History

Satta Matka originated in the 1950s when people used to place bets on the opening and closing rates of cotton that were transmitted to the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange, via teleprinters.In 1961, the New York Cotton Exchange stopped the practice, which caused the punters/gamblers to look for alternative ways to keep the satta matka business alive. The 1980s and 1990s saw the matka business reach its peak. ooooo Note: Gambling is illegal in India since the British government introduced the Public Gambling Act in 1867.

Q8: Are Sattamatka game results genuine?

Ans: Yes, if you are playing from a trusted site like, the sattamatka game results displayed on this site are correct. You just need to understand the betting game appropriately and be aware of the game results declaration date. Here you can get very fast Satta Matka result, sattamatka, Kalyanmatka, sattamatka chart, matka result, sattamatka result, fix matka number and more. Our website is the best platform for betting on the online game; here you will get the ideal and perfect guessing by our best guesser and quick matka result. Are sattamatka game results genuine or not, it depends on which website you are choosing for sattamatka game results checking. Always go for a trustworthy website.

Q9: Are there any tips to choose trusted website to play Sattamatka game?

Ans: Sattamatka is one of the most popular and common lottery games in India. In this digital era, these games are betted online and get entertaining gaming skills. These games are the best suggestions for fun and earning purposes too. In India a several numbers of people betting on the matka game for several clarifications. These online betting games became popular as they offer fun, cover earlier loss, greediness, luck valuation, and other efforts. People can understand these game rules as they are very easy to understand and people can play the games simply. By following some tips and tricks players can improve their playing the winning probabilities.

Q10: How to get Matka Jodi?

Ans: There is no idea or formula in actuality for it. Players having good experience can get matka jodi, it all depends on the numbers you choose. So, try to pick the most encouraging sets of numbers. If you are a new player and want to start playing, you do not need to hesitate to play satta game, here our expert will help you start to the end step and snatch your chance to win a big amount definitely. Just follow our tips & trick and start playing online. If you have any questions regarding the game, you can post your question on our forum page; we will answer your question as soon as possible.

Satta Matka In Hindi

किया आप को पता हे? एसा एक खेल जो खेल कर लोग बहत पैसा कमाते हें उस खेल का नाम हे - सट्टा मटका (Satta Matka) | ये एक खेल हे जिसमे आप पैसा लगा कर बहत कम समय पर जादा पैसा कमा सकते हें | कल्याण मटका (Kalyanmatka) भारत में घर घर में खेला जानेवाला सब से जादा खेल हे | हमारे वेबसाइट पर मटका रिजल्ट (Matka Result) सब से तेज्ज़ लाइव प्रसारण किया जाता हे सीधा सट्टा (Satta) ऑफिस से | इस सटका मटका (Satka Matka) और सत्ता मटका (Sata Matka) सब से जादा लोग फ्री मटका सत्ता गेम और सत्ता मटका रिजल्ट देखने आते हें | आज के समय पर मटका (Matka) और सत्ता बहत ही आसानी हे खेल कर पैसा कमाया जासकता हे | जब से कोरोना भारत में आया हे तभी से सट्टा मत्ता मटका (Satta Matta Matka) खेल बहत ही तेज़ी से फ्हेल रहा हे |

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Get fastest live update sattamatka market results fastest live update with best guessers. In this online world, you can found a variety of sattamatka market is available. In this 21st century, matka satta becomes one of the popular and unique games in the whole world. This satta matka game has originated in 1970 but some new features have been added in the current time. If you want to know how to play this tricky gambling Indian satta matka game, get all tips & tricks from our trusted satta matka website. Here you can get the best strategy & satta matka tips to play this game and to avail yourself of this game for winning more amount money.

What to know before you start the Satta Matka Market online game?

Our satta matta matka expert discusses all types of satta matka game including Kalyanmatka, satta batta, kalyan satta, and how to get satta matka result quickly. People search on Goggle via the keywords satta matka net or satta matka com but you can get trusted fast satta news and all details about games on our website. We offer you the trustworthy platform to play Indian satta matka in a safe way. Here you can find wide range of including kalyan matka game, kalyan matka Bazar, matka satta kalyan, matka satta chart, Milan matka chart, Rajdhani matka chart, live satta result, fastest matka result, kalyan matka Jodi, fix matka Jodi, kalyan satta Jodi and many more. We also provide you matka result today - SattaMatta, weekly Jodi and satta king result, free satta matka and tips.

How our Sattamatka expert guide you?

Our experts guide you in Satta Bazar; sattamatka guessing tips quickest (fastest) matka result. Our best wishes and your good luck will make you become a sattamatka winner. official is the #1 India sattamatka website, where people can find sattamatka fastest result and more. Our innovative tips & tricks help you to play this satta matka game properly. The unique tips provided by our experienced matka guessers help you to win the gambling game and become the satta king and earn huge amount of money as well. With the advanced best satta matka guessing technique, our secure website will get you all the charts of kalyan satta matta that will provide you the most super-fast satta matka kalyan chart. Just you need to visit our website daily for updated pieces of information.

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Get free kalyan matka tips, Rajdhani matka result, Kalyanmatka tips, matka satta tips, satta batta from our experts. You can discuss any queries for quick earnings here. Our website provides you the best opportunity for people to get engaged in satta matka Bazar. So what are you thinking about, start playing on sattamatka market & kalyan market with an explosion, we offer you a chance to earn masses with our best satta matka suggestions. We provide you a 100% secure game platform with a promised sure matka number. It is the best satta matka website that can help you earn the best by playing the game online.

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SattaMatkagame is the best place for Satka Matka, Satta M, Matka Satka, Satta-Matka, Satta.Matka, Satka, Mataka, Ka Matka, Satta Matta, Satta Matka 143, Matka In, Satta Mataka, Satta Motka, and Sata Matka. We have a team of experts who provid you expert analysis, latest news, Chart, Result, Open, Close, Single Fix Jodi, Panel, And Games to help you win big. We're an original website with daily updates about india's most popular game - SattaMatka. Satta Matka Gods is a community of gamblers who have been Matka Gaming for years and know how to to win satta. You can also follow more experts to get notification when they post new articles post, Image, and Video about the latest updates in their Satta Matka field.

Q.what is the satta matka playing types ?

Ans: Matka Is Played In Various Types As Single Jodi And Patti. It Is Played As In Half Sangam And Full Sangam As Well. Matka Is The Only Game Where U Can Earn Money In Very Short Time. Single Means Open Close One Digit Single Ank. Jodi Means - Both Digit Open And Close Digit Is Combined In As Jodi. Patti - When A Open Digit Or Close Digit Is Declared In Matka It Is Declared By 3 Digit Called Patti. The Total Of 3 Digit Called Open And Close As Well.

Satta Matka Office in India That Offer Guaranteed Jodi Panel

Are you looking to get quick results and becoming Indian Matka king? Are you looking to receive free tips? We at our Satta Matka Office in India offering Guaranteed Satta Matka Jodi Panel results. We give you the top Satta Matka tips and get you lucky number! We are a top India Satta Matka platform offering Matka Panel outcomes to play the Satta Matka Game. We guarantee every user about the lucky numbers. We offer and assure them that they won't have any incorrect results or make a guess on Indian Matka tips. We are always here to welcome you at our Satta matka office to receive the fastest Satta Matka Services in Indian Matka numbers. You will always win!! We operate an India Satta Matka Office where our satta matka game is completely fixable. Our promise and dedication to our customers and players is apparent. According to our Matka Panel, the Jodi and Patti we supply will be 100% repair and get leak-free Patti and Jodi with 100% guarantee to fixing game. We're here to give you with all Matka Satta Game strategies as well as tricks. Kalyan Matka repair matka game. Our expert team will assist you in playing Matka Satta game online through our website. You can also avail an attempt to become a Satta King, without needing any advance cash.

Q. origin of satta matka gambling

Satta Matka, also known as Matka gambling or just Satta, was a full-fledged lottery game that started in the 1950s soon after India's independence. Now, it is mostly played online. Although gambling is illegal in India, it varies from state to state. States in India can formulate their own laws concerning gambling activities. Common gambling activities such as organised betting are curbed except for particular categories such as lotteries and horse racing which are legal in the country. Some states, such as Goa, have legalised casinos. The public Gambling Act of 1867, which is a central law, proscribes running or being in charge of a public gambling house. The main lotteries in India comprise Kolkata FF lottery, Shillong Teer Result, Kerala Lottery, Lottery Sambad, Nagaland State Lottery, West Bengal Lottery, Lottery Sambad TypesSatta Matka originated in the 1950s when people started to place bets on the opening and closing rate of cotton which was being transmitted to the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange, via teleprinters. The New York Cotton Exchange halted the practice in 1961, causing the gamblers/punters to look for another way in order to keep the Satta Matka business alive. They turned to pieces of paper. Back then, in Satta Matka numbers from 0-9 were written on pieces of paper, these were then placed into a matka. An individual would then pick a piece of paper from the matka and read out the winning numbers. As times changed so did the Satta Matka lottery. Now, three numbers are drawn from a pack of cards when playing offline. The decades of the 1980s and 1990s saw the Matka business at its peak. Betting volumes were in the Rs 50 crore-range every month. As the Matka business grew in size, there was a heavy crackdown from the police as gambling is illegal in India. Satta Matka shifted online over the years. Instead of a person picking a price of paper, the winning numbers are randomly generated now. People can now participate in the Satta Matka lottery through various websites on which the Satta Matka lottery game is played. Why gambling is illegal in India Gambling in the country has been illegal since the British ruled the land. The Public Gambling Act passed by the British Parliament in 1867 making gambling illegal in Inda. Lotteries and horse racing are the two forms of betting that are still legal in India. Gambling is a state subject and every state had different laws on it, however, games of skill are mostly exempt. Is Satta legal in India? No, since Satta literally means gambling, it is illegal in the country. However, online Satta Matka is legal. Who is Matka King? Any individuals who earn a great amount of money from Matka gambling is known as a 'Matka King. Originally, the term was used to describe the lead person who runs the syndicate of Matka gambling. Who is Ratan Khatri? Ratan Khatri is known as the original Matka King. From the early 1960s to the mid-1990s Khatri managed a vast nationwide illegal gambling network. He had lakhs of punters working for him. His business was worth several crores. Khatri died on May 9, 2020. How many types of Satta Matka games? Currently, the most common forms of Matka games in the country are Kalyan Matka and Worli Matka. The New Worli Matka runs five days a week. It runs from Monday to Friday. While the Kalyan Matka is played on all 7 days of a week. Where to play Satta Matka, check lottery results, and related information Satta Matka is now mostly played online. Though the rules have largely remained the same. Those interested can go to any of the Matka gambling websites and play the game. There are even mobile apps through which Satta Matka can be played. Satta Matka, also called Matka gambling or just Satta, was a full-scale lottery game in India. It started in the 1950s soon after India gained independence. Now, it is mostly played online.

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